Celebration Cakes

All of our designs can be customised to suit your own style or theme or we can create your very own bespoke design

Celebration cake prices are individual and depend on the design and size of the cake so please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

As a guide, our single tier cakes start from 

£60 for a 6"

£70 for an 8"

£80 for a 10"

Our Two Tier Cakes start from - 


Our Three Tier Cakes start from - 


Arsenal Cake.png
Farmer Cake.png
Sonic 2.png
Pink Ombre.png
Baby Shark.png
Paddleboard Cake.png
Minecraft Cake.png
Coke Cake.png
Safari Cake Kailen.png
Cake 7.jpg
Dalmation Cake.png
3 Tier.png
Blue Baby Shower Logo.png
Jemima Puddleduck.png
Dino 1.png
Choc Drip.png
Gold drip 1.png
Bunny 2.png
Choc Drip.png
Pokemon cakes.png
Football Cake.png
superhero 1.png
Duck 1.png
70 Cake Logo.png
Snooker Cake Logo.png
Luton Town Cake.png
Chocolate Drip.png
Half and Half Cake.png
Lego Cake.png
Mario Unicorn Cake.png
Harry Potter Cake Logo.png
Sleepover 2.png
Unicorn Side.png
Safari Cake.png
Gin Cake.png
Peter Rabbit.png
Elephant Cake.png
Christening 9.jpg
Bakagun Cake.png
Superhero Cupcake Logo.png
Fortnite Logo.png
Frozen Cake.png
Chocolate Hearts Drip.png
Dinosaur Cake.png
Lemon Blueberry.png
Share The Love Cake.png
Star Drip Logo.png
Woodland Cake.png
Geode Cake.png
F1 Fish Electrician Cake.png
Fisherman Cake.png
Thomas Cake Logo .png
bedroom cake 1.png
Emily Logo 1.png
Horse Cake_Logo.png
Choc Drip New 2.png
Anniversary 1.png
Dalmation Cake.png
Welcome Home 1.png