Our unique, handmade, Christmas treats are now available to order!   

All available for collection from Ampthill, Bedfordshire

Yule Logs
Yule Logs.png

The yule logs will be available for collection from Ampthill every Friday from 13th November to the end of December (excluding Xmas day).


They will also be available for collection on 23rd & 24th December.

The yule logs are £15 each.


There will be a limited number available so please pre-order asap to ensure you don't miss out!

Mini Fudge Boxes
Fudge Gift Boxes.png

These mini fudge gift boxes will be available throughout November and December.


Perfect little gifts for all of your favourite people!

Each mini box contains 10 pieces of handmade fudge and are available in one of 3 flavours -

Creamy vanilla

Lemon Meringue


The mini fudge boxes are £5 each.

Christmas Eve 
Treat Boxes
Christmas Eve Boxes.png

Each personlised box contains -

A hot chocolate cone

A reindeer chocolate brownie

A Father Christmas vanilla cupcake

A personalised stocking biscuit

A gingerbread man

A marshmallow snowman

A pack of reindeer food


All of this for £15 per box


Available for collection on 23rd and 24th of December from Ampthill

Elf on The Shelf Cookies
Elf on the Shelf Cookies!.png

Each box contains 9 decorated biscuits.

Available for collection from Ampthill on 30th November. 


£10 per box


Mini Biscuit Gift 
Mini Biscuit Boxes.png

Each box contains 12 mini decorated biscuits

Available for collection throughout November and December


£10 per box